Are You On A Bad Date And Don’t Even Know It?

Are You On A Bad Date And Don’t Even Know It?

They don’t call you back, they don’t text back, and when you get time with them, they are disheveled, rude, and uninterested, doing barely enough to keep things going.

This sounds like a bad date… and it’s one that many schools are on with their current IT company.

You have a problem, need a password, the Internet is down, you have site problems, need a new computer, and you “submit a ticket” only to wait hours, days or even weeks to hear back, much less get the problem resolved.

The #1 complaint schools have that causes them to “break up” with their current IT company is that they simply weren’t responsive.

Just like you wouldn’t stand for this in your personal life, you shouldn’t stand for it in your professional life…especially when you’re paying them!!!

If your current company doesn’t have a response-time guarantee, you’re probably on a bad date.

Most IT firms offer a 60-minute or 30-minute response time to your call during normal business hours. Be very wary of someone who doesn’t have a guaranteed response time IN WRITING – that’s a sign they are too disorganized, understaffed, or overwhelmed to oversee your request.

Any good IT company will answer their phones LIVE (not voice mail or phone trees) and respond from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every weekday. But many principals, faculty, and staff members work outside normal “9 to 5” hours and need IT support both nights and weekends, so ask about their guarantees for after-hours issues as well.

Not having a guaranteed response time is just one way you know you’re on a bad date… To download a full checklist and see if you’re on a “bad date,” click here.

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