The Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) program ends on September 30, 2024. Schools must take immediate action to allocate their remaining funds. If you still need to, you still have time to do so! Take advantage of this great opportunity!

This step-by-step guide will help school principals and IT directors maximize their unspent EANS funds. It highlights the seamless purchasing process through Class Wallet and shares success stories from peers who have successfully navigated this journey.


Step 1: Review Your Current Needs

Evaluate your school's current technological and educational needs. Identify gaps in resources that could be filled with EANS funds, focusing on areas that will benefit your students and staff in the long term.


Step 2: Explore Class Wallet-Approved Vendors

Class Wallet simplifies purchasing, allowing you to buy from approved vendors without the usual procurement hassles. Review the list of approved vendors like IT for Education, which offers exclusive educational pricing and a comprehensive range of products and solutions tailored for schools.


Step 3: Consult with Experts

Contact experienced vendors who can guide you on the best investments for your specific needs. IT for Education, a Class Wallet-approved MSP, offers expertise and advocacy, helping you navigate your options and make informed decisions.


Step 4: Make Strategic Purchases

Focus on technology that offers long-lasting benefits. Consider upgrading your cybersecurity systems with partners like Watchguard and Fortinet, enhancing interactive learning with Zspace and Clear Touch, or improving network reliability with Ruckus and Wahsega solutions.


Step 5: Submit Your Purchases

Use Class Wallet to finalize your purchases before the deadline. To guarantee reimbursement, ensure that all receipts and necessary documentation are submitted in accordance with EANS guidelines.


Benefits of Working with IT for Education

Partnering with us ensures not only access to a wide range of quality products but also benefits from our:

  • Educational Pricing: Making the most of your budget with competitively priced offerings.
  • Expertise and Guidance: Our knowledge is available to help you choose the best options.
  • Advocacy and Support: We stand by you throughout the purchasing and implementation process.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: We cover all your tech needs, from hardware to software.
  • Long-lasting Partnerships: We're dedicated to ongoing support and future upgrades.


What schools have been asking us:

Q: What happens if we don't use our EANS funds by the deadline? 

A: After the deadline, the U.S. Department of Treasury takes back the funds paid with federal funds, but services can continue for up to 60 days after the deadline. The State Agency for Education (SEA) is responsible for returning the funds to the government.


Q: Can we purchase hardware and software with EANS funds? 

A: Yes, EANS funds can be used for both hardware and software, provided they are from Class Wallet-approved vendors.


Q: How can we ensure our purchases comply with EANS guidelines? 

A: Work with approved vendors like IT for Education, who are familiar with EANS compliance requirements and can guide you through the process.


With the EANS funding deadline rapidly approaching, now is the time to act to ensure your school gets the opportunity to enhance its educational capabilities. By partnering with IT for Education, you can effectively invest in technology that meets today's needs and sets you up for future success.


Don't wait until it's too late. Book a discovery call with our experts today to strategize how to use your EANS funds best and ensure your school is fully equipped for the challenges of modern education.