The Universal Service Schools and Libraries Program, commonly known as the E-rate program, helps ensure that schools and libraries can obtain high-speed internet access and telecommunications at affordable rates. As a trusted technology provider for schools, IT for Education is a USAC approved E-rate service provider of Category 2 services and our SPIN is 143052324. We have helped countless academic institutions access these federal subsidies so they can integrate fast and expansive Wi-Fi access, and other improvements to their network infrastructure.

Who is eligible?


  • Must provide elementary and/or secondary education, as determined under state law. Cannot have an endowment exceeding $50 million.
  • Cannot operate as a for-profit business.


  • Must be eligible for assistance from their state library agency under the Library Services Technology Act.
  • The budget must be separate from any school.
  • Cannot operate as a for-profit business.

Non-instructional Facilities (NIFs):

  • School buildings that don’t have classrooms.
  • Library buildings that don’t have public areas.


  • Schools and libraries can join to form consortia.
  • Consortia are not themselves eligible for discounted services, but they can run competitive bid processes and/or apply for discounted services on behalf of their members.

What services are included in each category?

Funding may be requested under two categories of service:

  • Category One (C1) services include Data Transmission Services and/or Internet Access.
  • Category Two (C2) services include Internal Connections (IC), Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS), and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections (BMIC).

IT for Education is a Category 2 service provider that delivers technologies and services that enhance the school's network infrastructure. C2 includes routers, switches, firewall equipment, wireless controllers and access points, cabling, network maintenance and management, and more.

For eligible services under Category Two, discounts range from 20 to 85 percent of the amount spent on a new wireless network.

A school's eligibility percentage primarily depends on the number of students eligible for free or reduced lunches through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), as well as the facility's location - whether it's in an urban or rural setting.

If you are interested in more information about E-rate program, we are here to help! IT for Education is an USAC approved service provider and has deployed hundreds of networks for K-12 schools in Florida.