We make sure your physical, wireless, and cloud-based components run optimally so your students and staff can collaborate effectively.

Academic environments are dense and diverse, often with numerous buildings and facilities distributed throughout the campus property.

This makes fast, efficient, and secure networks difficult to implement and maintain. IT for Education has decades of combined experience in deploying state-of-the-art network infrastructures for schools, providing them with seamless connectivity and access to school resources.

We offer unparalleled management and round-the-clock support for your school’s network infrastructure. IT for Education uses industry-leading remote monitoring technologies for immediate support; no waiting for the technician to arrive.

Our team will eliminate costly and frustrating downtimes, increase user satisfaction, and provide onsite staffing and on-demand support as your needs require.

Features of our Campus-Wide Network Infrastructure include:

Proactive Monitoring

We optimize your networks 24/7 and resolve issues that arise without affecting day-to-day operations

Network Security

We prevent security threats with antimalware tools, access control, and intrusion detection systems

Fast Support

We provide prompt support and are available after hours for projects and emergencies


We adapt to meet your fluctuating demands for support services throughout the school year and during school breaks