6+1 Bonus Reasons Why K-12 Schools in Florida Depend on IT for Education to Help Improve Their Students Performance


Since 2002 we have been SPECIALIZING in working with K-12 Schools in South Florida. We have experience working in the unique environment that is a k-12 campus with all its moving parts, whether it’s assisting teachers inside the classroom with minimal disruption to their lesson plan or providing the front office with assistance.


We help you get funding for IT services & projects. We provide our clients a no-obligation E-rate Benefit Analysis showing their projected E-Rate results and our fees. Our guarantee: If you are not approved to receive E-Rate funding, no problem, you don’t pay us a dime.


We hold Quarterly Technology Reviews for your school’s technology Roadmap. We have an ongoing conversation with you about your school’s goals. Our job is to help you stay informed about the latest technology trends that make a positive impact on K-12 education. It’s a proven system that helps run your school better and ultimately gives your students the best opportunity to perform at the highest level.


We give you Peace of Mind. We understand that IT is a mission-critical part of delivering education. We monitor your servers, network, and devices 24/7 to be proactive and minimize downtime. We’re accountable. The network works! No excuses!


We don’t hide behind “Geek-speak”. No confusing acronyms or long stories about why something doesn’t work. We explain things straightforward in a non-technical way, allowing you to ask us the questions that need answering.


One hand to shake! Say goodbye to the frustrating days of dealing with multiple IT vendors who point the finger at each other when something goes wrong. Here at IT for Education, we handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Our “the buck stops here” approach to vendor management allows you to focus on your students.


Bonus! Cuban Coffee & Pastelitos. Need we say more...?