Who We Are

We're a team of educational technology experts with a true passion for K-12 education.
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Our mission is to improve students’ lives by empowering educators and schools through technology.

Why are we passionate about k-12 Education? Here's why...

The youngest of four children born to Cuban immigrants, founder and CEO Julio Lopez grew up in what he describes as "a loving but chaotic home".  At the age of 11, due to situations at home he went to work in order to help his single mother.  He recalls, "Like so many kids who go through this experience, I remember feeling an enormous amount of fear that my mom, my sisters and I wouldn’t have enough to get by. So I went to work at a local pizzeria. As time passed, I connected with the idea that hard work and education would be my way out. Looking back, I'm eternally grateful that I had wonderful teachers, coaches and teammates who invested their time in me along the way to help me grow."

The "AHA" moment for Julio came while he was taking a course at CIC Miami in Wynwood, where he went through a Simon Sinek "Find Your Why" exercise. He shares, "I realized that as a young man, I saw education as MY way out. I then connected that with my 'why'; to play a role in helping to empower other children find THEIR way."


From Passion to Purpose

It wasn't until he had the opportunity to work as the lead IT engineer for a private K-12 school that Julio realized he could use his expertise and love of learning to give back to schools, and ultimately impact students' lives. After 16 years of serving schools in South Florida, that passion and purpose is clearer than ever, and has become the mission of IT for Education.


Raising Standards and Giving Back

Today, put simply, IT for Education exists to serve it's clients and the South Florida community. The philosophy of giving without expectation, of serving without fanfare, of just doing your heads-down best work for your client is what governs everything we do. We don’t take our responsibility lightly and understand the impact of our work on the students – and on our future.

Our Values

  • Customer First - Create WOW through amazing customer experiences. Deliver exceptional value through selfless service.
  • Integrity - Do the right thing and meet commitments.
  • Results Matter - Don't "pass the buck". Execute with excellence.
  • Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit - Build authentic connections.
  • Change the Game - Build customer-centric inspired products and services.
  • Be Humble - Be a part OF - not apart FROM.
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