As the deadline to utilize Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) funding swiftly approaches, school principals and IT Directors must make strategic decisions quickly. Using these funds effectively can transform educational environments. IT for Education, a Class Wallet-approved Managed Service Provider (MSP) dedicated to K-12 schools, facilitates this process through access to educational pricing, expert guidance, comprehensive solutions, and long-lasting partnerships.


Quick and Effective Technology Investments

Ruckus Wireless Solutions

Enhance your school's internet connectivity robustly and reliably with Ruckus wireless access points. These upgrades support an extensive range of digital learning tools, ensuring seamless online experiences.


WatchGuard Network Security

Secure your network with WatchGuard firewalls to protect sensitive student and staff data against increasing cyber threats—a crucial investment for safeguarding your educational environment.


Zspace Virtual Reality Systems

Invest in Zspace VR systems to offer students immersive learning experiences in subjects like science and engineering, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging.


Clear Touch Interactive Panels

Top-notch smartboards can revolutionize classroom interactions by supporting a hands-on approach to learning that is beneficial for student collaboration and engagement.


Wahsega Labs PA Systems

Implement Wahsega's advanced PA systems to improve school safety and communication effectiveness, ensuring clear announcements across campus, especially in emergencies.


Equipment for Enhanced Learning Environments

Fortinet Security Appliances

Utilize Fortinet's top-tier security appliances to create a safer digital learning space, allowing students to explore educational resources online without risks.


Gumdrop/Brenthaven Protective Cases

Extend the lifespan of tablets and laptops with durable cases from Gumdrop or Brenthaven, protecting these valuable resources from daily wear and tear.


Bretford Charging Carts

Streamline device management with Bretford's charging carts, ensuring all mobile devices are charged and ready for classroom activities, enhancing organization and accessibility.


Otterbox & UAG Rugged Cases

Shield your mobile devices with Otterbox or UAG rugged cases to prevent damage from accidental drops. This is crucial for maintaining equipment in dynamic school settings.


Datto Backup Solutions

Protect essential data with Datto's reliable backup solutions, ensuring educational operations can continue smoothly during data loss due to hardware failures or security breaches.


DELL Computers and Monitors

Upgrade your computer labs or enhance the 1-to-1 device program with the latest from DELL, which will improve the efficiency and reliability of technology classes and broader curriculum delivery.


APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Maintain continuous operation during power outages with APC UPS systems, which is crucial for preserving the integrity of your educational activities.


Orion Energy-Efficient Lighting

Modernize your lighting systems with Orion's energy-efficient solutions, reducing energy costs while enhancing the learning environment with better lighting, which improves student focus and well-being.

The EANS funding allows schools to upgrade their educational technologies and infrastructures substantially. Selecting quick-to-implement, impactful solutions from trusted partners ensures that schools can make the most of this one-time funding before it ends. The expertise and support provided by IT for Education enhance these investments, guiding schools through the purchasing process and ensuring long-term value from these improvements.


What schools have been asking us:

Q: How quickly can these technologies be implemented?

A: Most solutions can be implemented within a few weeks, allowing schools to use their EANS funds efficiently before the deadline.


Q: Are training options available for new technologies?

A: Yes, comprehensive training resources and support are provided, ensuring that staff can effectively utilize new technologies.


Q: What makes working with IT for Education unique?

A: IT for Education offers educational pricing, expert guidance, and strong advocacy for academic institutions. They help schools make informed purchasing decisions and ensure long-term value from technology investments.


Q: How does this MSP ensure cost-effectiveness?

A: We help schools receive the best value for their technology investments by leveraging exclusive educational pricing and deep vendor relationships.


Q: Can this MSP assist with future technology planning?

A: Yes, beyond immediate implementations, strategic planning services are available to align technology with future educational objectives, ensuring sustainable and scalable solutions.